Wednesday, June 13, 2012

its yourself

assalamualaikum and hello :D

how are u? I feel a lil bit dizzy now :( maybe its due to the overslept last night? tidur awal gila bangun pukul 2 ke 3 pagi, layan Running Man 98 dengan roomate. takde kerja sungguh! and yup, its true that ramai yg cakap tak best episode kali ni punya. rasa hambar and takde benda yg nak excited bagai. running out of ideas maybe? but still, im a fan of this reality show! looking forward for the best episodes like before :)


tak habis lagi. baru 2 papers habis… 5 more to go T_T tak mau cakap pasal exam hari ni.

ok. hari ni nak cakap pasal u, yourself or me myself lah. we, as a human cannot rely on others too much. whatever it is, its yourself yg akan tentukan every decision yg u buat. im not a child anymore, oohh I wish to be a child one more time. hmm before, I really hate to make a decision… its hard for me to list up all the good and bad effects untuk sesuatu decision tu. to say yes or not. plus, it will be more harder if I love both decision haha boleh macam tu? but now, I know I need to choose. sometimes, u need to choose, u cant have both things u want… ingatlah, orang yg tamak selalu rugi. tetiba

and one more thing, if u always have supporters to every things u do, it doesn’t mean when u need and want to do some thing, let say your passion, and there is no one to support u, u have to stop it. NO. u have to show them that u can do it, after that believe me, u will be a very satisfied person! harusla happy lepas tu… tapi kalau awak ada passion yg tidak baik, and memang semua pun tak support, tak payahlah buat. saja je cari pasal namanya.

now I know yg kalau sejuta orang pun berdiri di belakang kita, sama- sama dengan kita, kita tak patut rely on them seratus peratus. its yourself yg akan tentukan whatever u will do. if thousands people say, u can do it but u yourself don’t want to do it, how come u can do it kann so come on, don’t rely on others. its yourself yg akan tentukan. :)

its true that sometimes kita akan ada rasa give up. sometimes kita perlu semangat dari orang lain. kita perlu cari sesuatu untuk lonjakkan balik keyakinan kita. tapi still to stop or to move on, its yourself yg akan tentukan.


I don’t know if u get my point or not, I hope u understand! maybe my english is not so good, that’s why. huaaa

ok. the end.

have a nice wednesday! :D


  1. I understand nearly everything :) and your post is so true! I'm of the same opinion!
    and keep up the great work with your blog, dear :))



  2. hi rebekah, thanks for viewing my blog. glad that u understand what i posted!

    thanks :)